Thu Jul 23, 2020
Continuous Firefighting Training at IPT Terminals

In its continuous efforts to maintain the high standards of safety in its operations, IPT organized a firefighting training day at its terminals in Amchit.

The day started with a detailed brief on every aspect of the operations held at the terminals. The training covered multiple possible scenarios and accidents that may occur at the terminals and how to react and follow protocols for every case. In its second phase, we tested the skills of our staff by performing live scenarios at the terminals and evaluating their responses. One of the exercises done was simulating a fire in the storage tank area and deploying the firefighting and cooling systems in response.

This training reassures that IPT always follows safety measures in all of its operations starting from the terminals, to the stations, and finally to our valued customers and partners.
Check albums below and visit our QHSE page to know more about our safety practices.