Wed May 12, 2021
Celebrating #IPT_TeamResilience

On the occasion of "Labor Day 2021", IPT Team held a gathering at the HQ in the presence of Dr. Toni Issa, Vice Chairman of IPT, to celebrate "IPT Team Resilience". #IPT_TeamResilience is an initiative we recently launched on social media. It aims to highlight and appreciate different members of the team, encouraging them to share a sneak peak of their lives in and out of the workplace. We discovered the passions and hobbies that have helped them power through despite the hardships we are going through. IPT and its Team never fail to find ways to adapt to the situation against all odds.

On this occasion, Dr. Toni Issa shed light on the importance of team resilience in the midst of these unprecedented times: "IPT's crisis management strategy has managed so far to lead the way and ensure continuity. However, a big part of this continuity relies on the strength of our resilient team. I count on each team member in the offices and at our service stations to find their way to adapt in their own way. It is the time for all of us to put in time and effort to also ensure IPT's resiliency. The crisis eventually; we assure our team that we are doing our best to stand firm, and we invite the team to join us in the battle towards a brighter future for Lebanon - always through resilience".

The participating employees received certificates and motivational rewards in appreciation of their contributions. 


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