Mon Jul 20, 2020
Because You Matter To Us!

We are proud to share with you the testimonial of Ayan, a child with Autism spectrum disorder. His Mother tells us his story: "Hello, I've contacted you because I believe it's important I tell you about Ayan's recent habit. Every time he wants to leave the house, he draws IPT's brand logo. We understood from it that perhaps he was trying to tell us that he wanted to go for a ride."

A child needs his parents' guidance to make it through life. Ayan found his own way to express his feelings. Thank you Ayan! We love your drawing and are happy to be your source of inspiration and guide you whenever you need. 

What better reward than putting a smile on a child's face? We encourage you to share your testimonials/drawings and tell us how IPT is contributing to your daily life.

Being socially active is one of IPT’s main goals. That's why we will stay committed to supporting our communities. Check below media and our Facebook post.