Michel Issa Foundation (MIF) and the Fishermen Cooperation: Almost Ready to Welcome Our Lady of the Seas @Amchit Seaport

Preparations are under way! Amchit will soon receive the Statue of the Lady of the Seas, which will permanently be settled at the top of the seaport to light the way of the sailors at night and to guide them safely. Read more




Michel Issa Foundation (MIF) and Berytech Sign a Memorandum of Understanding to Create a Business & Innovation Center in Amchit

With the aim of contributing to economic development in Kesserwan, Jbeil, and Northern kazas, Michel Issa Foundation (MIF), -represented by its President Dr. Toni Issa- signed with Berytech -represented by its Chairman and CEO Mr. Maroun Chammmas- a Memorandum of Understanding to establish and develop "Berytech Amchit", the First Business & Innovation Center outside greater Beirut in Amchit-Jbeil. Read more

Distribution Ceremony of the Micro-Loans by MIF, Fransabank, the Mayor Assembly of Byblos, and Vitas

On Thursday May 11, "Michel Issa Foundation" for Local Development (MIF) announced the names of the beneficiaries from the Micro-loans Program launched in 2016 with Fransabank, in coordination with the Mayor Assembly of Byblos and Vitas. The event took place in Eddé Sands Ballroom in Jbeil, at 4:30 PM, in the presence of the organizers and key regional figures. Read more



Michel Issa Foundation, Fransabank, the Mayor Assembly of Byblos, and Vitas Launching the Micro Credits Project in Jbeil

Under the theme "Together Towards Local Development in Jbeil District", Michel Issa Foundation for Local Development (MIF) and Fransabank in coordination with the Mayor Assembly of Byblos and Vitas, launched the Micro-Credits program to finance small businesses and crafts in Jbeil district. The program consists of offering up to 60 loans divided between donations and loans with no interests, provided to individuals who need funding to expand their businesses in the field of industry, agriculture, commerce, services, handcrafts... Read more



Michel Issa Foundation Honors Gabriel Abi Saad, World Champion in Mental Arithmetic

Michel Issa Foundation for Local Development organized an honoring ceremony for Gabriel Abi Saad who ranked 1st in the “20th International UCMAS Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition” held in India, competing with at least 11,000 contestants from 55 countries. Read more

Michel Issa Foundation Supports Local Development

As part of its development program, Michel Issa Foundation organized a press conference on December 16 at Amchit Municipality to announce the grant that it will allow to Amchit Municipality to build two new floors and restore the existing municipal building. Read more