CSR Activities

IPT genuinely cares about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
We see ourselves as a corporate citizen that needs to play a central role in supporting social development and not just economic development. In fact, being socially active is one of IPT’s main goals. We strive to give back to the community by supporting social, cultural, sports, and environmental initiatives.
Enriching the Community
We engage with the community and drive people to reach their full potential. For that our CSR activities include support to social, cultural, and sports initiatives, in addition to an active...
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IPT Energy & Environmental Management Strategy
Our commitment to CSR and sustainability is so engrained in our corporate culture that is central to our daily operations. This is why we have adopted green approaches to limit the impact of our...
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IPT Energy Center (IPTEC)
At IPT, we earnestly care about leaving a positive impact on Lebanon, its people, and the world at large. And we want our work to be meaningful long into the future. This is why a branch of our CSR...
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