Your high-tech car wash

Want the best way to add a clean sparkle to your car? Look no further. LaserWash is an in-bay touch-free vehicle cleaning system from Vehicle Wash Systems PDQ (a US Dover company) and it’s only available at IPT.

The cleanest solution for you
Easy to operate, LaserWash offers you a fast, practical, safe, and affordable professional carwash with great results each and every time. Introduced to Lebanon for the first time by IPT, the automatic touch-free LaserWash is available at most IPT stations 24/7. This effective cleaning solution does not harm vehicles in any way. Even its design is outstanding since it eliminates the need for floor steel, well mounted sensors, T-bars, and other bay obstructions. Instead it uses bright and legible in-bay signs, auto reset, and front bug prep.

The Laserwash touch-Free is available at the following IPT Stations:

  • IPT Sustainable station Amchit 469, near "Berytech Amchit" Innovation Parks 
  • IPT Station Amchit 77, Amchit highway bifurcation
  • IPT Station Berbara, Berbara highway
  • IPT Station Halat 1601, facing Infrarouge
  • IPT Station Zouk, Zouk highway
  • IPT Station Dekwaneh, near Centre Freeway
  • IPT Station Mar Mkhayel, Greater Beirut
  • IPT Station Chiyah, Greater Beirut
  • IPT Station Jdita, Zahle 


Refer to the online Station Locator to check the nearest IPT Stations with the Laserwash service.