Mon Jun 24, 2019
IPT’s Commitment to Sustainability was Part of Project Lebanon 2019

IPT Vice Chairman Dr. Toni Issa took part in the EcOrient conference that took place this year on June 20 at Beirut Waterfront under the patronage of Her Excellency Minister of Energy Nada Boustani Khoury during Project Lebanon 2019.

The conference emphasized sustainable energy and environmental management initiatives, case studies, and projects, while underscoring potential areas for public and private collaboration. 

Dr. Issa presented IPT's commitment to sustainability which has become a core business principle reflecting positively on IPT's corporate culture and governance, daily operations, products and services and relationship with stakeholders.

In his presentation, Dr. Issa highlighted two factors that have contributed to IPT's success in the fields of sustainability and social responsibility: (1) the adoption of an unconventional and advanced approach to achieving sustainability and social responsibility through the establishment of IPT Energy Center (IPTEC) and Michel Issa Foundation for Local Development (MIF), and (2) through tackling specific topics related to energy sustainability and efficiency in IPTEC, and to local and sustainable development in MIF.

IPT First Sustainable Station was presented at the end as a viable case study to IPT's commitment to sustainability and in implementation of IPT Energy & Environmental Management Strategy (EEMS) which was developed with the assistance of the IFC for the purpose of gradually turning IPT gas stations into sustainable and eco-friendly.