Sun Jun 30, 2019
IPT and Bonheur du Ciel Launched “Karyet El-Ensen” Loyalty Card to help rehabilitate drug addicts

Under the patronage and in the presence of His Excellency MP Nehmat Frem and in the occasion of World Drug Day, IPT and Bonheur du Ciel launched “Karyet El-Ensen” Loyalty Card in the support of Karyet El-Ensen rehabilitation center established by Bonheur du Ciel association to help rehabilitate drug addicts.

The launching took place on Sunday June 30, at Karyet El-Ensen center in Maayssra, Nahr Ibrahim in the attendance of official, spiritual, civil and military figures. The event started with a mass, followed by the signing of the MoU between IPTEC President Dr. Toni Issa and the President of Bonheur du Ciel Father Majdi Allawi. All attendees were offered the chance to apply for holding the card and support Bonheur du Ciel and Karyet El-Ensen in their humanitarian initiative.

Dr. Toni Issa confirmed that this cooperation with Bonheur du Ciel is a humanitarian duty, and is part of IPT's social responsibility. He added that "IPT Community Cards" are a sustainable way of contributing to the society. These cards are also a motivation for all citizens to contribute to their causes.

In his speech, MP Nehmat Frem expressed his feeling of joy being in this heavenly village, highlighting the importance of this initiative and that faith and goodwill are key to experience the true “joy of heaven”.

In his turn, Father Allawi said that drugs addiction among the young generation is alarming, inviting the authorities to take the necessary measures and consider this issue a priority. “Whoever puts God first in his life, will reach his goals” according to Father Majdi who thanked IPT for this initiative and invited all attendees to apply for this card and to contribute actively to this cause.

The event included a testimonial of Mr. Jamil Adam, a young man who succeeded in overcoming drug addiction. Adam shed the light on the role of faith in setting him free and helping him to start a new life, and finally expressed his gratitude to his family who supported him during his addiction.

At the end, a trophy of appreciation entitled "Human First" was offered to MP Frem as a token of appreciation for sponsoring this event.

Download brochure to know more about the card.

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